Hello MAD MAD MAD MAD world!

This blog is part of a class assignment for the Mobile Application and Development (MAD) program, looking at the impact of apps and web design on the world….well, at least in my corner of the world…with our first post being something to introduce ourselves, which I eventually get round to (talk about burying the lede). And if you came looking for something about the 1960s movie, then the title is the only reference to it. Sorry if you were hoping for a free app-movie download.

If you have accidentally stumbled across this site, you could probably leave now and not miss anything ground-breaking (but not you, Prof, you gotta read this so I can get a mark) as I don’t have a whole lot of expertise in this MAD area. Indeed, I’m very leery of commenting outside my area of expertise lest I fall on my face, like pretty much every person who can’t remember their high school science yet thinks they have a good argument– against, say, GMOs–that all the experts around the world have somehow overlooked for the past two decades.
superman falling on his face
This analogy fails in that many people don’t know enough to realize they’ve landed flat on their face, and that everyone is cringing with empathetic embarrassment…or laughing.

Anyway, back to what I’m supposed to be talking about—i.e. introducing myself. I am a mature student in the MAD program. I’m also a biologist–and a scientist. Both make me intensely curious to understand how things work (hence, back in school…for the 6th time). Both involve seeing the world differently than most people,
how a biologist sees the world
and both involve a different way of thinking…
science is a way of thinking
…that helps us not fool ourselves…
a way to not fool ourselves
…with our numerous, oh so numerous, cognitive biases, and a brain that makes a decision within milliseconds but doesn’t tell us what the decision is; this means we rationalize our way to a conscious conclusion that was already unconsciously decided (free-will was over-rated anyway).

In light of that, if I’m going to comment on areas well outside my expertise (apps and technology), which I will, I’ll try to back up everything I say (whether raging or not)….
the credible hulk documents sources
…and/or let it be known I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about—in fact, make “This person is clueless” your base assumption from the start. I don’t want to become a Dunning-Kruger poster child (amusing 7-minute video) by being ignorant and unaware of it.

Actually, I think I’ll avoid anything controversial outside of random pokes at Apple desktops, making fun of inspirational posters (if they apply to MAD), and mangling various geek cultural memes—if you meme it, I can mangle it ‘cos we scientists have embraced our geekiness. Till next time then…


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